What is the dongguan precision casting industry requirements

by:XEX     2021-02-28
Dongguan castings' target='_blank'>precision casting foundry industry is the world leader, as a representative of the foundry industry in the field of high and new, stainless steel precision casting to play its role and model leading role, then what are the requirements of stainless steel precision casting industry? Below for everyone to analysis the dongguan precision casting industry requirements are as follows: first, the finish on the pattern of economic growth by labor and resource intensive to technology, capital intensive, from the extensive polluting to green intensive, product quality, variety, quantity, and the world advanced level, the proportion of high quality material to increase rapidly. Second, form some reasonable structure, high level of overall production, combined with the research and development and education training base, can constantly to the enterprise transportation professionals, continually develop high quality, high grade casting material varieties, to meet the increasing needs of the casting material, gradually increase the intensity of the export of technology at the same time. Third, we should complete the adjustment of industrial structure, eliminate a number of technical level is low, poor quality of products, serious pollution, bad economic benefit of small precision casting factory, form the relatively centralized 'small giant' and 'star enterprise', 'specialized, large-scale production. Dongguan precision casting industry is mainly to share above these requirements, the need of stainless steel precision casting of friends, you can contact us steel precision technology. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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