What is the foundry pig iron? - Foundry pig iron

by:XEX     2021-02-23
Pig iron is usually also called gray iron. Due to graphite soft, with lubrication, thus casting pig iron has good cutting, wear-resisting and casting performance. But its tensile strength is not enough, so can not be forged, can only be used in the manufacture of all kinds of castings, such as casting a variety of machine tool bed, iron pipe, etc. Pig iron is the basis of a casting material, for a long time for the quality control of casting pig iron is often still stays at the level of the chemical composition. Along with the advance of China's machinery manufacturing, mass production mechanization more and more large casting production enterprise, has higher requirement about the quality of the cast iron, we not only requires appropriate chemical composition of cast iron, but also the appearance quality of cast iron and slag content, the degree of density have high requirements. Cast iron part is composed of small blast furnace production, at the same time, because in the production of cast iron is used in the machine, there is no uniform standard, also does not have the specification system in use process, there are many factors affecting the quality of cast iron. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of the product quality is stable.
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