What is the price of cast aluminum products ?
We can not tell you how much cast aluminum products costs right away. The price varies from materials, quantity, finishes, and other requirements. But we can ensure that you get good value for money. If you have interest in our products, please contact our team. After knowing all your requirements, we will then send you a quotation sheet with accurate prices on it. If you have any question with the quotation, welcome to contact us. The price is negotiable according to specific situations.

As a professional manufacturer of bottle capping machine, Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd. covers a wide range of businesses, such as designing and developing products to meet the developing needs of customers. We will show you the metal casting series that is most popular with customers. This product has added longevity. The coating on it repels dirt and water, inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and reduces fade and sun damage. Using carbon steel as one of the materials, it has a certain degree of plasticity and strong concentrated stress. Productivity and comfort provided by this product enable employees to generate high working capacity and creativity in their work. With a complete overall structure, it has achieved superior bending and torsion resistance.

We aim to become a global leading company. We are confident that we can provide the ideal elements within our value chain to attain the maximum benefit for each individual customer.
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