What's the advantage of ductile iron pipes as pipes

by:XEX     2020-12-09
Ductile iron pipes can be used for conveying water, oil, gas, atmosphere of the material, compared with the ordinary pipe, ductile iron pipes have light weight, good corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, etc. And ball milling casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe is easy to bend, wall thin, good toughness, high strength, convenient installation, so the ball milling cast iron pipe for water supply pipe benefits a lot. 1. Joint is flexible joint ductile iron pipes that most interface links by aprons. It is convenient to construction, compared with the traditional pipeline construction, save a lot of construction time. Also reduces the construction cost. 2. Good sealing of ductile iron pipes, not prone to leakage, it greatly reduced our usual maintenance cost of the pipes and pipe leakage problems. 3. Ductile iron pipes can bear high pressure of water supply, can withstand the pressure changes resulting from the external conditions and geological conditions, pipe its high strength, corrosion resistance, in the address for the road construction is also does not need to be add steel tube, and corrosion resistance can make ductile cast iron pipe itself can adapt to the high humidity and saline coastal areas in the high corrosion.
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