Whether can nodular cast iron pipe welding

by:XEX     2020-12-05
Ductile iron pipe type high temperature normalizing temperature is generally not more than 950 - General heated to 980 ℃, low temperature normalizing temperature - 820 860℃。 After normalization, general need 4 people to deal with, to eliminate the normalization process of internal stress. Because the nodular cast iron profiles than the ordinary gray cast iron has higher strength and better toughness and plasticity, therefore are often used in the manufacture of internal combustion engine, auto parts and agricultural machinery ductile cast iron and grey cast iron with the same weldability, but also has its own characteristics. This is mainly manifested in two aspects. & Ductile iron chill tendency is greater than the gray cast iron, because nodularizer 40 hinder the graphitization and improve quenching cooling rate of the critical role, so in the welding of ductile cast iron, uniform weld and half melting area is easier to form cold hard austenitic area are more likely to form martensite. & Due to the strength, plasticity and toughness of ductile iron are higher than that of gray cast iron, so the mechanical properties of the welded joint is put forward the corresponding requirements, this often requires of the different strength grade of nodular cast iron with match the parent metal. 3. Cooling and heating of nodular cast iron welding speed is relatively slow and even, can effectively prevent the chilling and crack. Gas welding heat source temperature is low, spheroidizing elements evaporation, oxidation, burning less, easy to implement the ball. Welding the flame generally adopt neutral or weak reductive flame. In order to ensure adequate spheroidizing elements of weld, weld graphite spheroidizing, spheroidizing elements of wire should be higher than that of spheroidization of nodular cast iron element.
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