Whether you need precision casting pickling, need water soluble C? Whether you need precision casting precision west midlands pickling, whether water is needed

by:XEX     2021-01-25
1. They can be thin wall castings, precision castings? Precision casting is a casting, the mold shell under the high temperature preheated, if casting speed is slow, the thin wall castings can be obtained. On this issue, therefore, the answer is, if it is not a black metal, it can also be used in die casting process. 2. The water soluble core can be used for precision casting? For precision casting, water soluble core can be used in the mold core, but have special requirements. Generally speaking, if cast structures against stripping work, the core can be made by water soluble core, and then obtain good demoulding effect. 3. In the process of production of precision castings need pickling this process? This, from the professional point of view, is to see the actual situation. If the casting surface is dirty or oxidation, it must be for pickling, in order to remove it, make it can passivation, and other operations, if not, you don't need to go. Therefore, not easy to answer this question, because it depends on the actual situation to make the decision. For precision casting, these problems is very important and basic. At the same time, it is not used, so it is necessary to understand and give the right answer, so that everyone can know how to solve it smoothly, and then improve the effect of the use of this kind of casting, and gain good economic benefits.
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