Why nodular cast iron pipe standardization, can from several aspects to answer?

by:XEX     2020-12-14
Why nodular castings' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe standardization, can from several aspects to answer? 1. Such standardized production on the one hand is to save the production time, guarantee the high quality of ductile iron pipes, on the other hand is to speed up the sales of nodular cast iron 2. Taste buds in the use of open Sue promotion, solve the setup time, improve efficiency. Required by the international organization for standardization, 1501083 most of the ductile iron castings, mainly is the state alloy production. Obviously, this will include tensile strength is greater than 800 n/mm, elongation is 2% high strength grades. The other extreme is high plastic brand, its elongation is more than 17%, and the intensity of the corresponding low ( A minimum of 370 n/mm scoop. Strength and elongation is not the only root designers choose materials, and other crucial important properties including yield strength, elastic modulus, abrasion resistance and fatigue strength, hardness and impact performance. In addition, the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and electromagnetic properties for the designer may be the key. In order to meet these special use, developed a set of austenitic ductile iron, usually called a Resis wu ao Ni ductile iron. These austenitic ductile iron, mainly in zinc, chromium and manganese alloying, and included in the international standard. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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