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Workshop of the company's large-scale casting parts machining department

Workshop of the company's large-scale casting parts machining department


Guangzhou Xinerxun Group Co., Ltd. is currently the largest manufacturer of cast iron and ductile iron in southern China, with an annual output of more than 50,000 tons, ductile iron accounts for more than 85%, and the largest single piece weighs more than 50 tons. In order to meet the market demand for mechanical equipment, large-scale, high-precision and high-efficiency in South China, our company timely built more than 10,000 square meters of workshops and invested more than 60 million yuan, purchased large-scale precision processing equipment and testing equipment, so that our company recasts From the production of blanks to the precision processing of finished products one-stop service. Provide a good platform for many large equipment companies.

At present, our company has the following large-scale precision processing equipment:

1. One MVR40 pentahedral machining center of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan. The maximum strokes of X, Y, Z, and W are 6200, 4000, 800, and 1100 respectively. The maximum table size is 3000×5000 and the maximum load is 40 tons.

2. Kunming machine tool TJK6920 CNC floor boring 2 sets, X, Y, Z, W, V, the maximum stroke is 12000, 4000, 1200, 1100, 2000, the size of the worktable 3000 × 3000 and the maximum load of 80 tons.

3. One Qiqihar 5m CNC vertical lathe with a maximum load of 40 tons.

4. One Litong gantry milling machine, the maximum strokes of X, Y and Z are 6000, 4000 and 2500,

5. Shenyang Zhongjie drilling machines and so on.

      Equipped with an American FARO laser tracker, with an accuracy of ±0.003mm (±0.00012″), regardless of the size of the parts, it can still measure with high precision even in harsh environments, and the longest measurement range can reach 70 meters. It can achieve large mechanical parts Precision testing.

      The company adheres to the implementation of the ISO9001:2000 quality management system and provides well-known enterprises, such as Datong Machinery, Mingyang Wind Power, Keda Electromechanical, ANDRITZ, Sacmi, and other large machinery and equipment companies: injection molding machine boards, ceramic machinery bases, High-precision large-scale mechanical parts such as beams, wind power hubs, bearing seats, brake rings, brakes, pump bodies, etc. have stable and reliable quality.

Our company is based on advanced equipment, relying on a professional team, and strict management as a guarantee. As always, we adhere to the purpose of "integrity service and win-win cooperation" to provide customers with sustainable and high-quality services.


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