'Xin' ehrsson water supply parameters and details of the ductile iron pipe

by:XEX     2021-03-10
Execution standard 6, 6.1 standard GB/T13295-2008 water and gas pipeline in ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories (GB/T17457-1998 nodular cast iron pipe cement mortar centrifugation lining general requirements of GB/T17458-1998 nodular cast iron pipe cement mortar centrifugation lining the composition of new mixing mortar test GB/T17459-1998 GB/T17456 nodular cast iron nodular cast iron pipe asphalt coating spraying zinc GB/T17219-1998 pipe appearance ShuPeiShui equipment and protective materials for domestic and drinking water safety evaluation standard 6.2 engineering standards of the building water supply and drainage and heating engineering construction quality acceptance specification 'GB50242-2002 6.3 standards 03 ss505' flexible interface water supply pipe pier'
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