Xin, Jason precision casting to explain the common casting range

by:XEX     2020-11-08
When it comes to precision casting, sure a lot of friends is can only use some simple metal casting parts, actually otherwise, oh, there can be more knowledge, and precision casting parts is now one of the many places can use precision equipment, light casting type there several kinds of oh, let's wuxi precision casting manufacturer xin er to explain in detail. First, the ordinary sand mold casting, including wet sand, dry sand mold and chemical hardening sand mold 3 classes. Second, special casting, press molding materials and can be divided into natural mineral sand as the main special casting molding materials ( Such as investment casting, mold casting, shell mold casting foundry, negative pressure casting, mold casting, ceramic mold casting, etc. ) And metal as the main mold material of special casting ( Such as metal mold casting, pressure casting, continuous casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc. ) Two categories. Xin, precision casting production have different characteristics with other process, the company has the abundant technical force and advanced revestment precision casting equipment, one-stop services of mechanical processing capacity to provide quality services to the customers. Specializing in the production of high quality material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel precision casting co. , LTD. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 quality certification, has the self-management import and export rights, products are exported to the United States, Japan, Europe and other regions.
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