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Xin, Nicholson tells common issues in die casting precision casting co. , LTD

by:XEX     2020-11-09
Precision casting is various kinds of casting process is used most widely, its characteristic is to use the mold cavity of melting metal under pressure. Compared with other metal casting technology, precision casting surface more smooth, more consistent size, and lower cost. In die casting process has some common problems, affects the normal use of the machine and the accuracy of precision casting, below we please in wuxi city xin's sunni precision casting co. , LTD. , professional introduce us: 1. Die casting hammer head stuck in the process of casting production is a common problem, in production, measuring temperature, often avoid hammer head, department of barrel temperature is too high; With high quality, does not contain the impurities alloy material, avoid impurity gelling on hammer head. 2. Injection head card at the goose neck, when the precision casting equipment in normal temperature, try to turn the hammer head, such as unable to turn in a barrel, will hammer out. If you want to quickly solve the problem of stuck, is one of the best refueling pot. 3. Dozen dozen dozens of mold of material was not, have to wait a few minutes later can continue to play, look at the top of the cutting head if there is a bright spot, such as is full of gray, then plug nozzle, shoot tip temperature can be moderately higher, lower 0 type nozzle is time. 1 to 0. 2 seconds, set mold cooling water a little down. 4. Die casting thin wall product easy craze, appear this problem, could be the material or mold opening or improper selection process parameters to control the waste percentage of not more than 30%, mould time shoulds not be too long, about 3 s per mm wall thickness and ejection time delay is not long, generally 0. 5 - 2s。
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