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Xin, sharing knowledge about precision casting

by:XEX     2020-11-09
Speaking of castings' target='_blank'>precision casting estimates for the first time I heard my friends feel strange, don't know what it is. But for our xin is, that is all too familiar, because we do precision casting is oh, this company has the abundant technical force and the international and advanced revestment precision casting equipment, one-stop services of mechanical processing capacity to provide quality services to the customers. In fact a word can generalize precision casting, it is to obtain the floorboard of the precise size of the casting technology. So today we are going to share three knowledge about precision casting. A, holding pressure time. The length of the holding pressure time depends on the material and wall thickness precision casting. For high melting point and crystallization temperature range and thick wall castings, pressure holding time to be longer. The crystallization temperature range small, thin wall casting, holding pressure time can be shorter. If the pressure time is not enough, easy to cause shrinkage. But holding pressure time is too long, not very big effect, it is easy to cause vertical die-casting machine to remove excess stock difficult. Second, the open mold time. After the pressure should be open mould precision casting products. From the end of the shot to die mold opening time is called open mold time. Enough time can make the precision casting mold in the mold inside there is a certain strength, mould and ejection from deformation or cracking. If open mould time is too short, the stripper in casting strength is low, the casting is easy to deformation. Three, filling time. Die casting from liquid metal into the casting die cavity started until full of cavity called the time needed for filling time. Fill the length of time depends on the volume of a precision casting size and complexity. This knowledge is three o 'clock of precision casting, if you have any questions about precision casting, welcome to contact us at any time in wuxi city xin, precision casting co. , LTD. , we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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