You don't know and use the option - the kinds of counter weight Dongguan lighting counterweight iron casting

by:XEX     2021-03-19
Here to share a selection and use of dongguan lighting counterweight iron casting counter weight in industrial product design is usually called balance block, aggravating blocks, etc. In a lot of products need to use that big such as elevator counter weight, mechanical counterweight block, furniture counter weight, small electronic counter weight & ensp; Counter weight, electrical counter weight, along with a variety of base ( Lamp of desk lamp counter weight, ground counterweight block, column base counter weight, paper towel counter weight, knife counterweight block, a toy counter weight, fan base counter weight, etc. ) 。 But the role of the counter weight is only a little, to balance weight products, of course to play a role for product assembly, can improve product quality and grade, is indispensable in some products. But generally on the edge of the counter weight or in a very position, all over the counter weight industry is fragmented, have all sorts of material of all kinds of craft. According to the material have foundry counter weight ( Is cast iron counterweight block) Counterweight, cement counterweight block, plastic filling and sand, mixed suppress counter weight, also appeared in recent years more in line with the imitation stone environmental protection counter weight of advancing with The Times. So many kinds of counter weight, how should choose a more in line with their products and more economic and practical counter weight? In fact, the counter weight of each kind of different materials have different characteristics and location, counter weight can choose different materials, different products require special large proportion can choose cast iron counter weight, hardness ratio, of course the price is high also, in general design products will be less choice now cast iron counter weight. Hybrid suppress counter weight proportion is higher but much lower than the level of cast iron, quality also is much less than the cast iron, slightly lower than the cast iron; Plastic filling iron ore counter weight proportion and mixing to suppress counter weight is almost same price, but the industry a little more complicated, if there is no certain demand, the cost is relatively high; Many cement counterweight block is relatively low, the proportion of low quality is obvious, but the price is relatively cheap, so for some need a lot of use and low requirements for the proportion of cases can choose; Now introduce imitation stone environmental protection counter weight counter weight more widely applicable for the above material, process is more simple, low cost, also can through various export environmental testing, so the imitation stone environmental protection counter weight is recognised by more and more, in the electrical counter weight, lighting counterweight block, electronic counter weight and all sorts of base counter weight, etc are more and more be favorred, foreign customers and more like, even some foreign clients specify requires the use of imitation stone environmental protection counter weight. Selection and use of dongguan lighting counterweight iron casting can you know it! !
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