You should know all kinds of casting method process characteristics and applicable scope

by:XEX     2021-03-19
We all know that different castings' target='_blank'>casting methods and technology, cast out of the finished product is different also, today we xin, Hudson for everybody say all kinds of precision casting foundry method process characteristics and applicable scope. A, sand casting, casting material: all kinds of casting quality: dozens of g - - - Dozens of tons to hundreds of tons of casting surface quality: bad casting structure: simple production cost: low scope of application: the most common casting method. Manual is suitable for single piece and small batch and difficult to use the shape of the molding machine complex large castings. Machine model is suitable for the batch production of medium and small castings. Process characteristics: manual: flexible, easy, but the low production efficiency, high labor intensity, low dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Machine model: high dimensional accuracy and surface quality, but big investment. Description: sand casting is the most common casting technology is used in the foundry industry, suitable for all kinds of material, ferroalloy, nonferrous alloy casting are sand mold casting. Can production from dozens of grams to dozens of tons, and greater casting parts. The deficiency of sand mold casting is: only relatively simple casting production structure. Sand casting is: the biggest advantage of low production cost. But in the surface finish, metallurgical casting, internal density is relatively low. In terms of shape, can be manually modelling, also can machine model. Manual is suitable for single piece and small batch and difficult to use the shape of the molding machine complex large castings. Machine model can greatly improve the surface accuracy and dimensional accuracy, but, investment is bigger. 2, material: metal mold casting casting non-ferrous alloy casting quality: dozens of grams to 20 kilograms of casting surface quality: good casting structure: complex production cost: the cost of the metal mold high scope of application: small batch and mass production of nonferrous alloy casting, can also be applied to steel castings production. Process characteristics: high casting dimension precision, surface quality, compact structure, good mechanical performance, high production efficiency. Description: metal mold casting is also called hard mold casting, it is poured liquid metal into the metal mold, in order to obtain a casting method of casting. Mold is made of metal, can be repeatedly used for many times, A few hundred times to several thousand times) 。 Metal mold and sand mold, a significant difference in performance, such as sand permeability, but not for metal mold; The thermal conductivity of the sand mould is poor, the thermal conductivity of the metal mold is very good, sand mold have rolled back, and metal mold is not, and so on. In view of this, the use of metal mold casting, casting technicians need to discern the difference between the metal mold and sand mold. Then, to strengthen learning, fine art refinement. Three, investment casting, casting material: cast steel and nonferrous alloy casting quality: a few grams - - - A few kilograms of the casting surface quality: good casting structure: any complex production costs: when mass production, is much cheaper than completely by machining production scope of application: all kinds of small batch of cast steel and high melting point alloy complex precision castings, especially suitable for art casting, precision machinery parts. Process characteristics: size precision, smooth surface, but the production efficiency is low. Description: origin of investment casting process, early in our country, the spring and autumn period fan mould casting process has been applied in noble jewelry making. Investment casting parts is more complex, generally does not apply to large castings. Process is relatively complicated, and not easy to control, use and consumption of material is more expensive, so it is suitable for the production of complex shape, high accuracy, or hard to other processing of small parts, such as turbine engine blades, etc. Four, ceramic mold casting casting material: cast steel and cast iron casting quality: a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms of casting surface quality: very good casting structure: a complex production costs: expensive scope of application: die and precision casting process characteristics: high dimensional accuracy, surface is smooth, the disadvantage is that the production efficiency is low. Description: at present is the most widely used in the production of CO2 sodium silicate sand bottom set of ceramic type. CO2 sodium silicate set has high strength, permeability is good to make simple way. Secondly a process as shown. Its special way, is the need to prepare in advance two models, one for the ceramic slurry, casting mould, A die) And another for manufacturing base covers ( B) Its size is ( A die) The surface finish of the casting was high; The size of the castings of high precision; Can cast a large precise casting and investment casting can cast out the casting precision in size, high smoothness, but because of the limitation of technology itself pouring casting weight is generally small, the biggest only a few tens of kilograms; Type ceramic casting up to more than ten tons. Less investment, faster production, production preparation period is short. The disadvantage is that raw material is expensive, due to the grouting process, is not suitable for casting large bulk, light weight, shape more complex castings, and the production process is difficult to realize mechanization and automation. Five, plaster mold casting casting material: aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy casting quality: dozens of grams to dozens of kilograms of casting surface quality: very good casting structure: a complex production costs: high scope of application: single to small batch process characteristics: cast low refractoriness, suitable for low and medium alloy castings. Low permeability is poor, directed by rate, solidification time is too long, the filling performance, the casting surface is bright and clean. The production efficiency is low.
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